Gives SME manufacturers easyaccess to the digital world.​

An automated physical asset management platform that will allow you to control all of your assets easily.

Sticker Control platform image


See the path each asset takes through your facility
From the production line passing through different locations until it arrives at its final destination


Order Details
Control the manufacturing orders
Our platform synchronizes with your ERP and other systems, and uses labels with RFID tags that are exactly the same as the ones you now use.
Monitor your production processes
Verify that there were no production errors before the goods are delivered to your warehouse or shipped to your customer.
Know with precision
That the correct products were made and where they are stored in the plant. Everything is automated through our RFID-powered system


Unify and simplify the form your customers use to place orders
Track the status of each order in real-time and integrate the order with your ERP and other systems. Monitor in real-time the inventory available to fulfill orders for each product and, report on the status of each order.
Integrate with your system and track orders in real-time
Using a simple form through our platform, know the status of each order in real-time, and integrate the order with your ERP to permit the order to be created easily and for information about the order to flow through your systems.
Stock and Orders


Do it yourself! You are able to customize the platform to your needs

Manage the roles of your employees and the permissions assigned to each of them
Each employee can customize their version of the platform and perform their roles in a more efficient manner
Own product
Personalize the dashboard and adapt it to your needs
Obtain a general overview of the data that is most interesting to you, take full advantage of the personalization
Create your own products
Add the necessary attributes with a few clicks and you are ready to start.
Choose the modules yourself
Begin with a basic plan and add modules from the control panel as your needs change


You don’t have to install any software or go through a tedious and expensive consultation and implementation process.
Our platform complements the systems you use for your company and integrates with ERP and other systems.