Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The IIoT or Industry 4.0 is getting a lot of media attention these days and rightly so. Analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence. The operational efficiencies and economic benefits that IIoT systems can provide can be impressive.
Companies that manufacture products or have logistics operations (or both) know the benefits that the use of these technologies can bring. These technologies can reduce the resources consumed, increase operational efficiencies and increase employee productivity. The reality, however, is that few companies are adopting these technologies, mainly because of the high cost and complexity of existing solutions. Most companies do not want to have to hire expensive technical experts to install and operate the systems, have concerns about disruptions to their operations, or cannot afford the license fees.

Sticker Control makes it easy

Sticker Control is designed so that companies can get the benefit of these technologies in an easy-to-adopt, easy-to-use and affordable way.

Manage physical assets and integrate systems

Trace the location, status and use of assets, Sticker Control allows companies to integrate their internal systems (accounting, sales, order processing, and more) and also with increasingly digitized supply chains.
Sticker Control's analytics and optimization algorithms will use your data to optimize your inventory levels, improve work-flows, identify opportunities for operational efficiencies, and more.

Modular Design and the 80/20 Rule (Pareto Principle)

Sticker Control’s modular design makes it easy for you to start with a simple solution that addresses your most pressing opportunities or problems, and then add more functional modules according to your needs and according to your timeline.
The implementation process is quick and easy – far less risk and far less disruption. Do not pay for functionality and complexity that you won’t use and don’t want.

The Sticker Control Team

Unai Larrauri
Co-Founder & Exec Chairman - Madrid
Jeffrey L. Beyle
Co-Founder & CEO - Boulder
Luis Miguel Prieto
Co-Founder & CTO - Madrid
Daniel Martín
Head of Product - Madrid
Marcello Azevedo
Head of Operations - Boulder