What type of company should use the Sticker Control platform?
Our platform is designed to allow all types of companies control and track assets, primarily inventory. Our platform is a good fit for any company that manages inventory or that produces goods. If you want to manage inventory of any kind more efficiently, our platform is the perfect complement to your enterprise management system.
Is implementing the Sticker Control system difficult?
Not at all. Our platform is designed so that companies of any size can be up and running in less than a week. This includes using the different APIs we have to allow our platform to integrate very quickly with the majority of the ERPs in the market. All you have to do is create a user account and immediately you can start setting up the platform to suit your needs. If you would prefer, our team can perform all these tasks for you, including integrating our platform with your ERP and other systems. It is very simple!
What about the RFID hardware, the RFID tags, etc.?
We have spent months researching the best RFID hardware and hardware vendors. We will provide you with advice regarding the RFID readers, printers and tags that you should use and vendors with whom you should work. All free of charge.
How far can an RFID reader be positioned from an asset with an RFID tag?
It depends on the type and quality of the tag that is used, the surface on which the tag is fastened and the type of RFID reader that is used. We usually use RFID UHF tags, which have a range of between 10 and 15 meters (30 – 50 feet).
My company has very specific needs – can we still use the Sticker Control platform?
Our platform is designed to adapt to almost all customer needs. But if there are additional features that you want (such as using more advanced sensors), we have a solution for you. Our development team can develop affordable, customized solutions for you based on the requirements you have. This includes adapting our platform to include additional functional modules, to work with more sophisticated sensors, or to integrate with other systems (for example, supply chains or manufacturing control systems). Just let us know what you need!