Items management

Automatically get information about your assets in real-time

Know the location of all of your company’s assets
See the exact location of your assets with one click
Control each change in the location where an asset is stored

Automatic Alerts

Configure your platform to receive the alerts that are most interesting to you, for example

Asset loss.
Order status
Periodic checks
Asset movements
Upcoming expiration of product use by dates

Multi-Device Platform

Have total control.
Manage each of your processes automatically with many different types of devices. Monitor the global status of your operations from our website or use our app or a tablet.

Security before everything

Use the system via a private cloud with servers located in a Tier IV Data Center with high availability and replication in different geographic locations.
Use an on-premise solution if that is what you need. Or use a customized hybrid solution.
Developed so that your company can continue to function in case your internet connection crashes, your production will not stop.
Using a secure communication channel between our servers and your systems so that all of your communications are secure.

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data systems that make a difference.

We use the system intelligence and the data collected to offer you improvements in business efficiencies as follows:
We collect and store the necessary information of the most interesting points in the daily routine of your business using cutting-edge technology.
The collected data is analyzed by Big Data systems and customized algorithms.
The platform offers you the conclusions obtained as a suggestion about possible changes that you can make in order to increase the performance.

What I can do

Modules to help you increase your efficiencies and make informed decisions:
Production improvements
Predictive analysis of how to optimize your production. Improve your raw material purchasing decisions and optimize your finished good inventory levels.
Improve workflows and warehouse operations.
Improve and optimize movements of goods and equipment in the warehouse.
Increase efficiencies in the movement of employees and the actions they must carry out to complete tasks.
Manage assets
Control and trace all assets to allow our system to provide recommendations about maintenance requirements.
Asset behaviors
Analysis of collected data allows our system to give you a global view of your business, allowing you to make sound decisions.